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Understanding global trade

Our insights and original research shine a light on global trade trends and issues through a balanced and objective perspective. We highlight the conditions for making trade more sustainable.

Trade topics

Sustainable trade

164 articles & resources | 49 experts

Trade should deliver mutually acceptable benefits between trading partners and achieve balanced economic, environmental and social outcomes. Explore our topical research, including our bi-annual Sustainable Trade Index, which looks at the readiness of 20 Indo-Pacific economies for sustainable trade.

What we are reading

3 articles & resources | 3 experts

At the Hinrich Foundation, we are continually searching for ways to advance sustainable and mutually beneficial global trade. Our search requires keeping abreast of the latest developments on trade, investment, technology, geopolitics, and sustainable and inclusive development.

What We are Reading is a collection of articles, essays, and reports that detail these important developments – we share these insights with you here to provoke further debate about the future of global trade.

US-China trade

144 articles & resources | 52 experts

The US-China trade war is one aspect of the intensifying US-China geopolitical rivalry. US-China trade tensions and their effect on global value chains will impact industry structures, investment, innovation and consumer welfare across the world. Explore topical research, including our book China, Trade and Power by Research Fellow Stewart Paterson.


89 articles & resources | 36 experts

Protectionism is on the rise, after decades of market opening and globalization. Understand the causes and effects of tariffs, quotas, export controls, trade sanctions, currency manipulation and other non-tariff measures on trade, globalization, competition and consumer welfare.