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Global trade research

Our insights and original research shine a light on global trade trends and issues through a balanced and objective perspective. We highlight the conditions for making trade more sustainable.

Call for research proposals

The Hinrich Foundation supports research projects and initiatives that advance understanding of global trade issues and support policy development. We invite researchers and organizations to submit proposals for research, which are considered twice during each calendar year.

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Trade topics

Sustainable trade

219 articles & resources | 97 experts

Trade should deliver mutually acceptable benefits between trading partners and achieve balanced economic, environmental and social outcomes.

Explore our topical research, including the Sustainable Trade Index, which measures the capacity of economies to participate in international trade in a manner that supports the long-term domestic and global goals of economic growth, environmental protection, and better social equity.

The STI 2023 is the fifth edition of the index. 

Trade and geopolitics

89 articles & resources | 59 experts

Trade and geopolitics are deeply interdependent, driven by nations’ shared economic interests in the global political landscape. As these common interests grow stronger, the root of their relationship deepens accordingly. This intricate relationship serves as a vital thread that weaves together economic interests, resource accessibility, trade route control, regional integration, and the pursuit of geopolitical goals.

Digital trade

115 articles & resources | 76 experts

Open digital trade and cross-border data flows create opportunities for more inclusive growth, particularly in emerging markets. But the rise of 'data sovereignty' is threating to fragment the global digital economy and limit the potential of new technologies. Explore our topical research, which includes a series of in-depth reports, essays, and infographic with a particular focus on data governance and trade facilitation.