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Trade policy

International trade does not take place in a vacuum.  Governments set rules for managing trade including the development of laws and regulations that can affect the ability of goods, services, investment, ideas, information, and people to move across borders.

Changes in technology, the geopolitical landscape, and supply chains as well as environmental challenges, have prompted varying policy responses by governments. To manage a balance between domestic interests and the wider global economic community, governments must collaborate to ensure consistency while still addressing their specific needs and conditions. 

Trade policy research at the Hinrich Foundation examines issues such as the level of openness or restrictiveness in policy settings or the extent to which governments should coordinate or collaborate with others under different trade frameworks.

Our trade policy experts & contributors

Get access to proven experience and fresh thinking in cross-border trade, policy and business. Drawn from a wide range of disciplines and sectors, our experts offer valuable views and opinions on achieving sustainable global trade.

Deborah Elms

Head of Trade Policy, Hinrich Foundation

Areas of expertise

Trade policy
Free trade agreements
Intellectual property rights
Digital trade
Trade and climate
Trade facilitation
Supply chains
Goods, services, customs, investments, MSMEs

Inu Manak

Fellow for Trade Policy, Council on Foreign Relations