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The World Trade Organization and its predecessors have spurred the growth of international trade and global engagement since the 1940’s. But WTO rules now need to evolve to adjudicate modern and more complex trade frictions. WTO reform has become essential to ensure the continued existence of a rules-based system to organize global trade flows.

Our WTO experts & contributors

Get access to proven experience and fresh thinking in cross-border trade, policy and business. Drawn from a wide range of disciplines and sectors, our experts offer valuable views and opinions on achieving sustainable global trade.

Christos Cabolis

Chief Economist, IMD World Competitiveness Center

Henry Gao

Professor of Law, Lee Kong Chian Fellow, Singapore Management University

Areas of expertise

China economic policy
International law
Hinrich Foundation Advisory Board member

John Clarke

Former Director for International Relations at DG Agriculture in the European Commission.

Deborah Elms

Head of Trade Policy, Hinrich Foundation

Areas of expertise

Trade policy
Free trade agreements
Intellectual property rights
Digital trade
Trade and climate
Trade facilitation
Supply chains
Goods, services, customs, investments, MSMEs

Stewart Paterson

Research Fellow, Hinrich Foundation

Areas of expertise

Monetary policy
Political economy

Stephen Olson

Former Senior Research Fellow, Hinrich Foundation

Areas of expertise

Sustainable trade
Trade negotiations
Free trade agreements
Tariffs & non-tariff barriers

Arindrajit Basu

Research Lead, Centre for Internet & Society, India

Keith M. Rockwell

Senior Research Fellow, Hinrich Foundation

Areas of expertise

Trade policy
Free trade agreements
Trade negotiations

Damian Raess

Professor of International Political Economy at ESPOL, Catholic University of Lille

Ka Zeng

Distinguished Professor, Director of International and Global Studies, University of Arkansas

Arthur Appleton

Founding Partner of Appleton Luff - International Lawyers and Adjunct Professor at Johns Hopkins University (SAIS Europe)

Tania Voon

Professor, University of Melbourne

Weihuan Zhou

Associate Professor & Director of Research, Faculty of Law & Justice, UNSW Sydney.

Areas of expertise

Trade disputes and remedies
Free trade agreements
China's economic reform

Inu Manak

Fellow for Trade Policy, Council on Foreign Relations

Clete Willems

Partner, Akin Gump

Areas of expertise

Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States
International trade policy
World Trade Organization (WTO) Dispute Resolution and Counseling

Simon J. Evenett

Professor of International Trade and Economic Development, University of St Gallen, and Founder, Global Trade Alert

Areas of expertise

International trade policy
National competition law
Economic development

Lauren Kyger

Digital Content Manager, National Committee on US-China Relations

Areas of expertise

US-China trade
Foreign direct investment
Digital trade

Gary P. Sampson

Professor in the Practice of International Trade, Melbourne Business School

Andrea Durkin

Former Principal of Sparkplug, LLC and creator of Consensus Learning, LLC

Areas of expertise

US-China relations
Tariffs and trade barriers

Alice Calder

Freelance writer and economist

Areas of expertise

Immigration and international trade
Innovation and entrepreneurship
Economics and culture

Anne Kim

Editor, Washington Monthly, and Author of Abandoned: America’s Lost Youth and the Crisis of Disconnection

Orit Frenkel

President, Frenkel Strategies and Executive Director, American Leadership Initiative

Daniel Ikenson

Director of Policy Research, NDP | Analytics

Scott Miller

Senior Adviser, Abshire-Inamori Leadership Academy, CSIS

Alan Wm. Wolff

Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE)

Michael Unger

Adjunct Fellow, Scholl Chair in International Business, CSIS

Bruce Hirsh

Principal and Founder, Tailwind Global Strategies LLC

Christine McDaniel

Senior Research Fellow, Mercatus Center