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The Hinrich Foundation is an Asia based philanthropic organization that works to advance mutually beneficial and sustainable global trade.

We believe sustainable global trade strengthens relationships between nations and improves people’s lives.

We support original research and education programs that build understanding and leadership in global trade. Our approach is independent, fact-based and objective.

We are an authoritative source of knowledge, sharp analysis and fresh thinking for policymakers, business, media and scholars engaged in global trade.

We are building a network of next-generation trade leaders by partnering with universities and corporations across global value chains.

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“Sustainable global trade requires mutually acceptable terms and balanced economic, social and environmental outcomes.”
Merle A. Hinrich - Founder and Chairman, The Hinrich Foundation

We work in two overlapping areas

By supporting original research and education programs, we are creating an ecosystem of sustainable global trade influencers who can improve trade practices.


We initiate and publish research that offers a better understanding of key global trade issues. We take a neutral, objective, fact-based approach.

Media, business, government and industry come to us for fresh thinking, strategic insights and deeper analysis into the issues impacting global trade outcomes.


Global trade has been an essential contributor to economic development, and that is why we focus our philanthropy on global trade education.

We believe the most effective way to advance sustainable global trade is to invest in informing and training the people engaged in trade. The Foundation creates educational initiatives that allow participants to gain deeper knowledge about global trade.

These include an annual ranking of the best graduate programs in international trade, a range of scholarships to leading universities around the world. We also support trade Educators and Students with resources to support their sustainable global trade teaching and learning journeys. 

Building an ecosystem


Through our research and education programs, we are building a diverse network of trade leaders, business thinkers, policy innovators and media influencers who can help advance sustainable global trade.

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Growing our philanthropy hub

Since 2020, Singapore has been our philanthropy hub. Our teams in Singapore coordinate the education and research programs of The Hinrich Foundation through activities conducted in Singapore and around the globe. Our first annual report provides insights into our core values – the most important being our belief that sustainable and mutually beneficial global trade strengthens relationships between nations and improves people’s lives.

Read the 2022 Annual Report