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Our leaders

The Hinrich Foundation leadership team is comprised of professionals who carry decades of experience in global trade, China-US relations and working in Asia.

Ultimately, our vision is to have the scholars of the Foundation become our future leaders. As such, the Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association (HFAA) has the mission to incubate talent for director-level and executive-level roles in the Foundation and to engage our alumni in the development and evolution of our programs and in the identification of future beneficiaries.

Merle A Hinrich

Founder and Chairman, Hinrich Foundation

Kathryn Dioth

Chief Executive Officer, Hinrich Foundation

Andrew Staples, PhD

Director, Research and Outreach, Hinrich Foundation

Stephen Olson

Research Fellow, Hinrich Foundation

Alex Boome

Program Director, Hinrich Foundation

Theresa Fonseca

Head of Marketing & Communications, Hinrich Foundation