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Serene Goh

Serene Goh

Historian, Hinrich Foundation

As the Foundation’s historian, Ms. Goh leads the narrative development of its mission, serving as project manager, trade documentarian, and Mr. Hinrich’s biographer.

In her three decades in media and communications, Ms. Goh has led high-performing editorial and commercial teams to multiple global awards for excellence. She began her career as a journalist with The Straits Times before becoming founding editor of its News In Education program, then heading Singapore Press Holdings’ Content Lab, its multimedia content marketing department.

Since 2019, Ms. Goh has independently worked with clients to shape their brand biographies and narratives. Her passion for storytelling, education, and sustainability has enabled her to collaborate with multinational corporations, philanthropic groups, and individuals whose businesses represent a spectrum of sectors in Southeast Asia and around the world.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and News Editorial from Abilene Christian University, Texas.