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Building leadership in trade

Our education initiatives, tools and open-source content help trade students, educators and professionals worldwide to develop, teach and implement pragmatic solutions to lead the next stage of sustainable global trade.

Why do we work to advance trade education? Hinrich Foundation Chairman, Merle Hinrich, explains in this short video.

Global trade has been an essential contributor to economic development. That is why we focus our philanthropy on global trade education.


For Students

We offer a suite of free tools and resources for students to start or advance their careers in global trade:

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QS International Trade Rankings

The QS International Trade Rankings highlight trade-related MBAs and specialized Master’s programs and Executive MBAs based upon QS’s methodology.

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The Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association (HFAA) is a growing community of professionals who have received Global Trade Leader scholarships from the Hinrich Foundation. They are committed to applying their passion and influence to advance sustainable trade.

Through the HFAA, our alumni stay connected, learn and develop professionally so that they can lead their sectors and improve our global community.

meet our alumni

Global Trade Leader scholarship recipients