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Building leadership in trade

We recognize that to advance sustainable global trade, we need to invest in informing and training the people engaged in trade. Our educational initiatives reach students, educators and professionals around the world, helping them to develop, teach and implement pragmatic solutions to lead the next stage of sustainable global trade.

Our annual International Trade Rankings help students and employers identify the best trade-related masters programs around the world.

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Global Rankings of International Trade Master's Programs

The QS International Trade Rankings help students to identify programs that will secure them employment and accelerate their trade careers, enable companies to hire work-ready talent, and provide universities with comparability, recognition and the means to enhance their global trade programs.

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Scholarships for master’s programs

Building local talent with a global mindset is essential for advancing sustainable global trade in Asia. We grant scholarships to leading institutions around the world, including:

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Trade Educators Center

The Trade Educators Center bridges the gap between academic teaching and real-world business and policy scenarios by providing supplementary discussion guides to facilitate ongoing discussion on trade.

Whether you are teaching trade, business, political science, history or journalism, our Trade Educators Center will help you demystify for your students the workings of global trade through fact-based, quality articles, white papers, videos and events.

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Individuals who have benefited from our Global Trade Leader Program are invited to join the Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association. It was established to create a community of individuals committed to advancing sustainable global trade and to help provide opportunities for lifelong learning through mentoring, professional development, training and knowledge sharing among Hinrich Foundation alumni.

The association also serves to nurture the future leaders for the Hinrich Foundation.

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Short courses

We partner with leading institutions such as the National University of Singapore and the National Press Foundation to host courses that give participants a deeper understanding of the forces transforming the global trade ecosystem throughout Asia and beyond.

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