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Arwen Profile 2023

Xiaoyin Zhong (Arwen)




NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information
Master of Media and Communication, Class of 2024
“I am committed to leveraging the power of media and communication to build strong relationships, drive innovation and create opportunities for international trade.”

Scholar background

Arwen has over 10 years of experience in marketing, business, and media. In particular, she possesses a strong understanding of the media landscape in China.

Prior to deciding to pursue her master’s degree, Arwen worked as a Project Manager and Media Planning Expert at the Alibaba Group where she was responsible for media planning, promotional campaigns and project management. She also conducted data analysis reports.

Before working at Alibaba, she held roles at various marketing agencies, including MediaCom, where she served as a Media Planning Director, and PHD, Omnicom Group, where she worked as an Associate Planning Director.

Arwen earned a bachelor's degree in economics (with a specialization in International Tax) from the University of International Business and Economics in China.

Personal statement

Over the past decade, I have been fortunate to work with renowned companies such as BMW, MediaCom, and Alibaba Group. These experiences have provided me with a profound appreciation for the role of international trade in China's development and its broader societal impact.

The Asian market stands out globally due to its dense populations, rapidly evolving infrastructure, and the influence of Confucian values on people's beliefs. Simultaneously, the swift economic growth witnessed in recent decades has led to constant shifts in consumer attitudes. Asian countries, particularly Southeast Asian markets, are currently experiencing the same rapid economic development that China underwent a few decades ago. I firmly believe that the lessons learned from successful marketing in China will better equip me to navigate the challenges of future Asian markets.

Growing up in the era of globalization, I possess a deep understanding of the profound effects international trade and media communication have on society. This understanding has motivated me to pursue my master’s at Nanyang Technological University after a decade of professional experience. I aspire to contribute to the advancement of international trade, particularly in the context of Asian market development.

I am confident that the Hinrich Foundation will provide me with opportunities to connect with exceptional scholars and peers, allowing me to be part of a vibrant community that will support me in pursuing my goals. I am eager to learn from others and to share my own experiences and insights.