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Supporting trade educators

We acknowledge the essential role educators play in shaping the future of international trade. They carry the responsibility of fostering a comprehensive understanding of the diverse societal, economic, and environmental impacts of trade, and preparing successive generations of global business leaders.

To support educators fulfilling this critical role, we provide a host of free educational resources and research support.

Hinrich Foundation Trade Simulation HTNS Hong Kong Asia Society 2019

Sustainable Trade Challenge

Our Sustainable Trade Challenge simulation is a life-like exercise that helps participants develop and improve applied research, analysis, negotiation and high-level presentation skills.

This open-source exercise helps students evaluate the tough trade-offs as they work to advance their client’s standing in the Sustainable Trade Index while balancing economic, social and environmental considerations.

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Trade And Geopolitics

Open-source trade content

To help educators bring contemporary trade into their classrooms, we offer open-source content – including articles, white papers, discussion guides, podcasts and reading lists – written by thought leaders worldwide. Areas covered are:

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International Trade Rankings

The International Trade Rankings provide 200 universities around the world with comparability, recognition and the means to enhance their global trade and international business programs.

Like educators worldwide, our aim is to support students to identify the right program for their studies to best meet the needs of employers and advance their careers.

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Trade research support

The Hinrich Foundation supports trade research that advances the understanding of global trade issues and policy development.

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