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DIGITIMES Asia Supply Chain Summit India

Supply Chain Summit: Experts see India's and ASEAN's opportunities in charting a middle path between US and China

As Western policymakers and boardrooms contemplate over a China-free supply chain, India, a member of the QUAD, is presented with a historical opportunity to host the relocated supply chains and become a global technology hub, notes Research Fellow Alex Capri during a panel disucssion.

DIGITIMES Asia Supply Chain Summit Long Game

Supply Chain Summit: Win the long game, learn new skills, have new partners, play local

"The restructuring of the supply chain is the mid-to-long game, where there's a lot of opportunity to be had, and certainly for Taiwanese companies to get involved in that," said Research Fellow Alex Capri during the two-day conference. "And that is driving the supply chain towards 'regionalization'."

Channelnews Asia The Perfect Storm Part I

Humanity’s biggest crisis since World War 2? | The Perfect Storm Ep. 1

We are confronting a perfect storm of war, disease, inflation, hunger, and climate change. How are all these shocks correlated? What are some further risks? Eminent thinkers from across the globe, including Research Fellow Alex Capri, weigh in on these challenges and discuss possible solutions.

Channelnews Asia The Perfect Storm Part II Inflation

How is inflation leading to political instability? | The Perfect Storm Ep. 2

A perfect storm of war, climate change, and disease is fueling inflation. On top of that, companies worry of geopolitical risk, a Taiwan contingency, and what that may do to supply chains that are already stressed. A group of eminent thinkers, including Research Fellow Alex Capri, weigh in on these issues.

Blue Book Services Beyond The Free Trade Ideal

Beyond the free-trade ideal

"We need to turn the page on the old playbook,” says US Trade Representative Katherine Tai on America's conventional trade policy. Quoting Senior Research Fellow Stephen Olson's commentary, this article looks at why the Biden administration's new approach to trade may correspond more closely to realities.

@Aumanufacturing Australia Semiconductors

Lack of semiconductor manufacturing will consign Australia to "second-tier status": report

Australia's dearth of semiconductor manufacturing creates a strategic vulnerability. The country should build up production capability in areas matched to its research strengths, according to an Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) report co-authored by Research Fellow Alex Capri.

SCMP India's Latest Crackdown

Is India’s latest crackdown on Chinese firms part of plan to decouple from Beijing?

India is now urging law enforcement agencies to employ a coordinated effort in investigating the finances of Chinese companies. According to Research Fellow Alex Capri, this amplified crackdown is part of New Delhi's strategy to decouple from China, as India seeks to attract more foreign investment.

Bloomberg Revving India Exports

Revving exports to US keeps India in race to be next China

Exporters in India have seen a big improvement in orders from the US and Europe. While not comparable to China’s annual $3.36 trillion of exports, analysts view it as good progress. "Taiwan, the EU, the US, Japan — all are willing to give India a second look,” said Research Fellow Alex Capri.

SCMP China's Bid To Join DEPA

China’s bid to join digital economy pact hinges on clarification of data laws, experts say

A special task force has been set up to negotiate China’s membership application for the Digital Economy Partnership Agreement. But Beijing must clarify data laws if it wants to negotiate carve-outs that allow it to maintain digital sovereignty, Research Fellow Alex Capri and other experts commented.

DIGITIMES Asia Willy Shih

Exclusive interview with HBS professor Willy Shih: Global supply chain resilience issues to watch out for in 2023 and beyond

As 'resilience' has become as a critical keyword for global supply chain manufacturers, DIGITIMES Asia talked with Harvard Business School professor Willy Shih on the risks and opportunities for companies. This interview quoted a Hinrich Foundation article on friend-shoring and China authored by Shih.

Inside US Trade Outside Voices

Outside voices: In a changing trade world, thinking of ‘ecosystems’ and not FTAs

New forms of economic integration will take place in response to the need or desirability of doing business with partners that maintain similar values and standards. Citing Senior Research Fellow Stephen Olson's analysis extensively, this article explains why we should forget about free trade agreements.

TODAY Singapore S'pore Disruptions

S'pore won't be badly hit by disruptions to shipping routes around Taiwan unless China-US tensions worsen: Experts

When asked to comment on whether China's military drills happening around Taiwan would lead to supply chain disruptions for Singapore, Research Fellow Alex Capri noted that while Singapore's technology sector may be temporarily impacted, an escalation in tensions could turn into a much larger problem.