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US China Trade Deal

After Joe Biden election win, China will seek to renegotiate trade deal, Beijing advisers say

Advisors suggested that China would seek to renegotiate the phase one deal as Biden gained victory in the election. However, there is little political room for the president-elect to be seen as soft on China, says Research Fellow Stephen Olson.

US China Biden

The US-China rivalry in tech and trade won't end because Joe Biden is president

In many ways, US-China rivalry is going to intensify as both countries move further apart on trade and technology. "We have a fundamental, systematic rivalry between these two systems," says Research Fellow Alex Capri to CNN Business.

Ant Group 1

Ant Group fiasco reflects battle for China's financial soul

China's last-minute abandonment of Ant Group's record-breaking IPO stems from an intensifying battle for the soul of the nation's financial system. "Ant has grown too large and too influential as a financial institution in China, something that will not be tolerated by China's Communist Party", Research Fellow Alex Capri says. Article originally published by the AFP.

Brunei 1

Sustainable Trade Index 2020: Sultanate moves up two spots

Brunei Darussalam moved up two spots to 13th place in the Hinrich Foundation Sustainable Trade Index (STI) 2020, commissioned for the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Sustainable Trade 2

The Hinrich Foundation Sustainable Trade Index 2020

Firms stepped up commitments to corporate social responsibility initiatives. Investors started incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into their asset allocation decisions. And consumers voted with their wallets to support sustainable production. The question now is whether the pandemic puts that progress in jeopardy.

Sustainable Trade 1

Bangladesh outdoes India, Pakistan in sustainable trade

Bangladesh has surpassed India and Pakistan in terms of sustainable trade on the back of better performance in economic and social areas. However, the ranking in the environmental aspect is poor for Bangladesh due to worsening deforestation and air and water pollution, according to the latest Sustainable Trade Index 2020.

Philippines 3

Philippine climbs two notches in Sustainable Trade Index

The Philippines moved up two places to rank eighth out of 20 economies in this year’s Hinrich Foundation Sustainable Trade Index, which looks at a country’s capacity to participate in international trade while promoting economic growth, environmental protection and social benefits.

Hinrich Foundation WTO World Trade Statistical Review 2018

Philippines moves up in sustainable trade index

The Philippines outranked other emerging markets in Asia as it moved up one spot to 8th place in the Sustainable Trade Index 2020, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit bi-annual report commissioned by Hinrich Foundation.

Hong Kong

Japan, S Korea share sustainable trade crown

Japan and South Korea are tied for the top spot in the Sustainable Trade Index 2020, while Hong Kong ranked first in the economic pillar, a survey by the Hinrich Foundation showed. The report pointed out that Hong Kong's presence atop the STI and many other indexes has come into jeopardy, especially over the past six months.

Hinrich Foundation USTR Foreign Trade Barrier 2018

PHL jumps 2 rungs in Asia Pacific economies’ trade poll

The Philippines scored 55.9, from 53.8 in 2018, out of 100 in the Hinrich Foundation’s Sustainable Trade Index 2020. As such, it improved to eighth to land behind Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States and China.

Singapore 1

Chinese tech firms eye Singapore base amid US-China tensions, coronavirus border closures

Singapore could find itself in a risky situation and under increasing pressure from Washington if it was viewed as an escape route for Chinese firms to dodge US-related sanctions, said Research Fellow Alex Capri.

US Trade (1)

US-China tech war: Beijing counters restrictions with new law to curb sensitive exports

Beijing's recent new law to control the export of sensitive goods, services and technologies to counter escalating restrictions on Chinese technology companies by the US still leaves China in a “vulnerable position when it comes to critical technologies like semiconductors”.