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Marketwatch A Semiconductor Renaissance

Opinion: A Semiconductor Renaissance Is Under Way. It Will Change the World.

Geopolitics and other existential factors have disrupted globalization as we’ve known it, fragmenting semiconductor global supply chains. But these same forces also present historic opportunities for innovation and growth. Research Fellow Alex Capri writes for Barron's.

The Star Brunei Tops

Brunei hits the mark on air quality, political stability

Brunei topped the chart for political stability in the recently-published Hinrich-IMD Sustainable Trade Index (STI) 2022. The sultanate was also found to have the least polluted air and a high number of internet users. Meanwhile, Brunei's technological infrastructure requires improvement.

Nikkei Asia Hinrich Award

Nikkei Asia captures international business reporting prize

Nikkei Asia has won the Hinrich Foundation Award for Distinguished Reporting on Trade from the National Press Foundation for its fascinating coverage of how the pandemic, war, and the US-China strife over semiconductors combined to upend global supply chains in 2022. The award carries a $10,000 prize.

South China Morning Post China Steel Tariffs

Climate-based tariffs by US, EU on Chinese steel and aluminium would ‘set a concerning precedent for China’

The imposition of climate-based tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminium – reportedly being considered by the US and the EU – would set a concerning precedent for China. It also reflects how "trade policy and climate policy are growing increasingly intertwined," said Senior Research Fellow Stephen Olson.

Bloomberg Most Important Trade Group

The Most Important Global Trade Group You’ve Never Heard Of

The US-European Union Trade and Technology Council is fast becoming the West's preferred platform for hasing out global trade strategy. Citing Senior Research Fellow Stephen Olson, this Bloomberg article states that the TTC, along with other initiatives such as the IPEF, are creating new ecosystems.

Nikkei Asia China's Chip Industry

China's chip industry fights to survive U.S. tech crackdown

"The U.S. export controls are causing collateral damage to American companies, as well as companies from South Korea, Japan, Europe and Taiwan. This will test American techno-diplomacy, as Washington must convince others to go along with its techno-nationalist policies on China," said Research Fellow Alex Capri.

Inside U.S. Trade In Praise Of WTO Plurilaterals

Outside voices: In praise of WTO plurilaterals

A reproduction of contributor and former WTO Spokesman Keith Rockwell's insightful analysis on the potential of plurilaterals in showing a way forward for the World Trade Organization. Plurilaterals "have breathed new life" into an institution beset by “deepening deadlock” in multilateral negotiations.

The Business Post Bangladesh Trade Sustainability

Bangladesh must improve trade sustainability

According to the Sustainable Trade Index 2022, Bangladesh ranked 24th out of 30 economies. While it outperformed neighboring India, Pakistan, and Myanmar, peer economies such as Laos, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia are well ahead. Unless Bangladesh ensures sustainability in trade, the country has to give demurrage.

DIGITIMES Asia 2023 Outlook

2023 Outlook: 8 trends to shape semiconductor industry in 2023 and beyond

In assessing the trends that will shape the semiconductor supply chains in 2023 and beyond, this article named the US-China tech war as one of the issues to watch. Quoting Senior Research Fellow Stephen Olson, "the core, systemic fault line which divides the countries...will not be narrowed anytime soon."

Unravel New Zealand Tops

New Zealand tops sustainable trade index

As the Hinrich Foundation and the Institute of Management Development (IMD) jointly launched the 2022 Sustainable Trade Index, IMD's chief economist Christos Cabolis spoke with Unravel on the key findings of the report and the growing imperative of balancing economic growth and ESG goals.

CNBC Deglobalization Is Not An Option

Deglobalization is not an option for any one of us, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz says

"Deglobalization is not an option for any one of us", German Chancellor Olaf Scholz proclaimed during his trip to Asia. Citing a Hinrich Foundation article, CNBC added that "It is unclear which market failure friend-shoring policies will fix without further fragmenting the world trading system".

The Financial Express Country's Performance

Country's performance on the economic front

The 2022 Hinrich-IMD Sustainable Trade Index puts Bangladesh at 24th place among 30 economies in terms of trade sustainability. Environmental and societal concerns need to get adequate space in the country's trade policy, if Bangladesh aims to strip itself of the Least Developed Country tag by 2026.