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Hinrich Foundation Amcham US China Negotiation Recommendation

US-China partial decoupling is inevitable, and must be carefully managed to minimise disruption

Research Fellow Stephen Olson writes an op-ed on how deteriorating relations between the US and China.

Hinrich Foundation Technology Affects Job Asia Development Bank

Manufacturers pulling out of China should consider Africa to diversify their supply chain

An op-ed by Research Fellow Stewart Paterson on the factors that position Africa for exponential economic expansion.

US Trade

Will COVID-19 Bring Industrial Policy Back in Vogue?

Stephen Olson's article in The Diplomat on how countries like the United States that traditionally eschewed industrial policy seem to be considering it again.

US China 3

How Techno-Nationalism Will Overshadow Any U.S.-China Trade Deal

Two recent events highlight the larger, transcendent issues shaping the US-China relationship, says Research Fellow Alex Capri.

Singapore 1

Commentary: How Singapore will remain a top trading hub in a post-pandemic world

Singapore could face stark choices in forging ahead on trade and growth, while navigating US-China tensions, says Research Fellow Alex Capri.

Hinrich Foundation USTR Foreign Trade Barrier 2018

Regional trade to dominate post-COVID-19 world

Our post-COVID world will mean more regional trade and shorter supply chains, says Research Fellow Stephen Olson in this video interview.

Digital Trade 1

Money and Me: What's shaking up semiconductor value chains?

Hear Research Fellow Alex Capri explain why semiconductors are at the heart of the escalating US-China tech war.

Technology 3

Taiwan's semiconductor industry is stuck between Trump and Huawei

Research Fellow Alex Capri's op-ed on Taiwan's semiconductor industry and the difficulties it faces as a result of the US-China tech war.

Hinrich Foundation Amcham US China Negotiation Recommendation

US-China trade negotiators vow to save phase one deal on first call during pandemic

The White House will evaluate every major policy decision through the lens of whether it is an asset or liability for the president’s re-election, says Research Fellow Stephen Olson.

Hinrich Foundation EIU Trade War Brewing 2018

Coronavirus: China and US in ‘new Cold War’ as relations hit lowest point in ‘more than 40 years’, spurred on by pandemic

Research Fellow Stephen Olson on worsening US-China relations amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Hinrich Foundation Wendy Cutler Strength In Numbers

Divorcing China: The West’s Return To Ideology And Its Impact On Global Business

Research Fellow Alex Capri discusses the West’s decoupling from China in this op-ed.

Hinrich Foundation OECD Measuring Distortions In International Markets The Semiconductor Value Chain

Export controls and the rise of US-China techno-nationalism

Even as the world is in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, the US and China are locked in an escalating race to control the technologies of the future.