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Bytedance Oracle

US adds further restrictions on WeChat and TikTok ahead of deadline for ByteDance to complete Oracle deal

“We are seeing increased decoupling...Many people are saying that this is just pre-election...I think fundamentally there will be no change for this sort of trajectory with either Biden or Trump,” says Research Fellow Alex Capri.

China 6

Analysts: COVID-19 has worsened prospects for industrial subsidies talks

The coronavirus pandemic has complicated the already Herculean task of negotiating multilateral rules on industrial subsidies targeted at China, Hinrich Foundation research fellow Stephen Olson said in a webinar organized by the Yeutter Institute on 16 September, 2020.

Technology 3

Nvidia's $40bn Arm deal faces China risks and industry pushback

Despite assurances that Arm will not change its business model after its sale to Nvidia's, potential conflict of interests and US ownership of the world's most important mobile chip IP provider could trigger a pushback from China and the semiconductor industry.

China Tech 1

China’s tech giants seek home comfort

US-led campaign against Chinese tech giants could well translate into an increased reliance on domestic market. The series of moves by the Trump Administration is intrinsically tied to a phenomenon called "techno-nationalism", said Research Fellow Alex Capri. Article originally published by the AFP.

Tech Data 1

US-China showdown over big data to leave decades-long impact

Data and platforms, like supply chains, will become weaponized as the US and China rival for tech supremacy, says Research Fellow Alex Capri, as quoted in Bloomberg News.

US China Tech

Techno-nationalism in US-China row

In this Q&A with Digitimes, Research Fellow Alex Capri explains the concept of "techno-nationalism" in the US-China disputes, and analyzes post-pandemic and post US-election development for the global supply chain.

Tiktok 2

Beijing rules pose threat to TikTok's US survival

Research Fellow Alex Capri discussed the implications for non-Chinese companies amid Beijing's latest tech export restrictions.

China 1

How China is preparing its economy for a future where the U.S. isn’t the center of global demand

“The ‘dual circulation’ policy demonstrates China’s recognition that it won’t be able to rely on trade as much for the next two decades, as it did for the previous two,” said Research Fellow Stephen Olson, as he shared his take on China's recent policy announcements.

US China Agreement

Trade talks 'only point of light' keeping US-China ties from imploding

As wider Sino-US relationship crumbles, how likely is a phase two trade deal that would tackle structural reforms to China's economy going to take place? Research Fellow Stephen Olson shared his thoughts with South China Morning Post.

Digital Yuan

When can I buy, use, and trade China’s digital yuan?

China’s ‘digital yuan’ has raised much interest since it was announced. How widely would it be circulated? Our report by Research Fellow Stewart Paterson on China's currency revolution is featured in this analysis by Dezan Shira.

Chinese Tech Giants

Chinese tech giants face mounting pressure from the US government

While the US is a very small part of BAT's market, Chinese tech giants are highly dependent on US technology for their physical infrastructure, says Research Fellow Alex Capri.


After TikTok and WeChat, Alibaba could be the next target in Trump's tech war

Research Fellow Alex Capri explained to CNN Business why the Chinese e-commerce giant's status as a national tech champion may be reason enough for Washington to target it.