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Manila Times Carbon Contrivances

Carbon contrivances

Featured our analysis on the prospect of a ‘rainforest OPEC’ by contributor Henry Storey and Director of Research Chuin Wei Yap. "The Hinrich Foundation speculated that the existence of large carbon sinks in the form of forests could lead to a substantial increase in economic power for the "Global South."

I Newspaper Spy Balloon

Chinese spy balloon saga reveals US and China as weak and unprepared, experts believe

Cited Stephen Olson's analysis on whether the spy balloon debacle would derail Biden’s China strategy. "Perhaps the most salient that neither side feels it is in a particularly strong position at the moment. Attempting to calm the seas – at least for now – serves the best interests of both."

SCMP China South America Deal

China’s South America free-trade deal to have ‘clear impact’, but may irk US by seeking opportunities in its ‘backyard’

The election of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as president of Brazil has raised the possibility of a free-trade deal between China and the Southern Common Market (Mercosur). But the agreement will further increase competition between Washington and Beijing in the so-called backyard of the United States, says Stephen Olson.

Inside US Trade US WTO

Outside voices: Has a ‘detached, disinterested’ U.S. turned away from the WTO?

A reproduction of Keith Rockwell's "searing assessment" of the state of play at the World Trade Organization and ithe body's "fraying seams", beset by a “sharp deterioration” in US leadership. Keith Rockwell is Senior Research Fellow at the Hinrich Foundation and former Spokesman of the WTO.

CNN China Big Tech

China still wants to control Big Tech. It’s just pulling different strings

Investors have raced back into Chinese tech stocks this year, but the enthusiasm may prove to be premature. Beijing is tightening its grip on Big Tech in the country by acquiring so-called “golden shares”. The policy could present a “nightmare” scenario for foreign investors, says Research Fellow Alex Capri.

Inside U.S. Trade US Trade Gone Missing

Outside voices: U.S. trade, gone ‘missing?’

A reproduction of Keith Rockwell's "foreboding essay" on the state of the US's trade policy, originally published by the Hinrich Foundation. “The debate on trade in the United States has veered sharply in the direction of protectionism and isolation," writes Rockwell, a former director at the World Trade Organization.

The Edge Singapore IPEF

IPEF: Empty promise or the future of trade?

Having been on the backfoot in Asia-Pacific trade in recent years, the US seeks to return to the region and compete economically with China again. Senior Research Fellow Stephen Olson weighs in on what the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) might achieve, given its nature as a non-traditional trade agreement.

Swissquote China Falters

China falters

Brisk activity in India's manufacturing sector reflects an encompassing shift: that Beijing's zero-Covid policy and rising wages in China are forcing electronic suppliers to leave the country. “Wages have risen dramatically over the past decade, and [China] has lost its competitive cost advantage,” says Senior Research Fellow Stephen Olson.

Marketwatch A Semiconductor Renaissance

Opinion: A Semiconductor Renaissance Is Under Way. It Will Change the World.

Geopolitics and other existential factors have disrupted globalization as we’ve known it, fragmenting semiconductor global supply chains. But these same forces also present historic opportunities for innovation and growth. Research Fellow Alex Capri writes for Barron's.

The Star Brunei Tops

Brunei hits the mark on air quality, political stability

Brunei topped the chart for political stability in the recently-published Hinrich-IMD Sustainable Trade Index (STI) 2022. The sultanate was also found to have the least polluted air and a high number of internet users. Meanwhile, Brunei's technological infrastructure requires improvement.

Nikkei Asia Hinrich Award

Nikkei Asia captures international business reporting prize

Nikkei Asia has won the Hinrich Foundation Award for Distinguished Reporting on Trade from the National Press Foundation for its fascinating coverage of how the pandemic, war, and the US-China strife over semiconductors combined to upend global supply chains in 2022. The award carries a $10,000 prize.

South China Morning Post China Steel Tariffs

Climate-based tariffs by US, EU on Chinese steel and aluminium would ‘set a concerning precedent for China’

The imposition of climate-based tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminium – reportedly being considered by the US and the EU – would set a concerning precedent for China. It also reflects how "trade policy and climate policy are growing increasingly intertwined," said Senior Research Fellow Stephen Olson.