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Juran Profile 2023

Ju Ran Park


South Korea


Georgetown University
Washington D.C., United States
Master of Science in Foreign Service, Class of 2025

“The Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Scholarship allows me access to a world-class program that will empower me to reach my full potential and better contribute to sustainable global trade.”

Scholar background

Ju Ran was a Korean diplomat who worked as a Foreign Service officer for the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Seoul before pursuing her master's degree at Georgetown University. After joining the Foreign Ministry in 2016, she has primarily been responsible for East Asia affairs, with a particular focus on China and Southeast Asia. Through this role she grew to recognize the complexity of the policy environment, make use of a host of policymaking tools and come to understand the crucial role of diplomacy on the world stage.

Most recently, she served as the deputy director in the Northeast Asian Affairs Bureau, where she was responsible for supporting the establishment and implementation of Korea's foreign policy on China. Her duties included facilitating high-level engagements with foreign officials. Between 2019 and 2020, she worked as a second secretary at the South Korean Embassy in Thailand.

Ju Ran obtained a bachelor's degree in political science and diplomacy, with a double major in economics, from Yonsei University in Seoul. She also studied Chinese at Tsinghua University.

Personal statement

My assignments at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs over the past six years has served as a catalyst for pursuing further studies. The more I witness history unfold, the more I realize that Korea has the potential to play a more significant role in promoting peace, stability, and prosperity not only within the region but also beyond.

As a foreign service officer, I aspire to gain a clear perspective on the best direction for Korean diplomacy, considering the constraints of the divided Korean peninsula, high trade dependence, and others. I hope to engage in discussions on various global issues within the context of both foreign service and global trade with my distinguished fellow scholars at Georgetown University and within the Hinrich Foundation.

I am confident that the knowledge and insight I will acquire through the MSFS program, along with the support offered by the Hinrich Foundation, will prepare me to meet my career goals. I know that becoming a Hinrich scholar will significantly impact my life.