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Linda Schmid

‎International Development Adviser, Trade in Services International

Linda Schmid provides trade advisory services to multilateral institutions, donors, non-profit organizations, and trade associations in the form of research, proposals, policy briefs, training modules, instructional presentations, and market analysis. 

Ms. Schmid has over 20 years of project management experience and is a specialist in trade and investment. Her recent work includes support to gender integration trade policy for the World Bank, training for women leaders in trade for USAID, and testifying before the US International Trade Commission.

Ms. Schmid has served as a trade and development adviser in Jerusalem for USAID, Geneva for the International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO, and the Caribbean for USAID. She began her career in trade advocacy at the US Coalition of Services Industries concentrating on data privacy and electronic commerce. Ms. Schmid holds a graduate degree in International Management from the University of Maryland Gloabal Campus and a BA in Government from the University of Maryland. 

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