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Sustainable trade

Sustainable Trade Index (STI)

The Sustainable Trade Index was created to encourage meaningful discussions amongst policymakers and business executives about the linkages between trade and sustainability. It shows how well prepared Indo-Pacific economies are to achieve sustainable growth through trade.

About Sustainable Trade Index (STI)

This bi-annual index measures the readiness of 20 Indo-Pacific economies to participate in the international trading system, in a manner that supports long term sustainable development.

It serves as a benchmark for measuring progress against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Hinrich Foundation commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to develop the STI.

"Trade is an indispensable ingredient in economic development, but it cannot be sustainably pursued without responsible environmental stewardship and a commitment to fully developing social capital".
Merle A. Hinrich - Chairman, Hinrich Foundation

Who is the index for?

The index is a practical tool for:

  • Governments and policy makers who are targeting economic growth through international trade and want to acheive more sustainable outcomes
  • Corporations who need to assess the social and environmental impacts of their investments and sourcing activities in Indo-Pacific 
  • Communities who want to find information about ways in which trade impacts them

Why benchmark sustainable trade?

Trade has changed billions of lives for the better, but there's an opportunity to make an even greater impact if trade delivers better environmental protection and social equity.

The concept of sustainability is based on a co-dependent triangle consisting of economic growth, social capital and environmental protection.

The economic cost of environmental degradation, and the social strains caused by unbalanced growth, can hobble economic development just as much as the absence of market drivers starting with trade.

Sustainability is a constant balancing act, and there are no perfect solutions.

The Index provides useful data and case studies to guide business behaviors and policy choices, for better trade outcomes. 


Download all the Sustainable Trade Index editions below: 

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