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Kashtec George

George Lee

Group CEO, Kashtec

George Lee is the Group CEO for Kashtec.

He is also the Co-Founder and Board Member of CCRManager, an award winning fintech platform and marketplace developed to support trade finance activities of financial institutions.

Mr. Lee was previously with International Enterprise Singapore, an agency of the Government of Singapore, where he led the Consumer Sector, Talent Development and Trade Finance policy teams. During this time he was also a member of the Academic Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Academy and a member of the Government of Singapore’s inter-agency Trade Finance Working Committee.

Mr. Lee has spent over 20 years in technology development, policy, strategic and P&L roles in international trade, banking and technology organizations. His career has included experience at companies including Fullerton Financial Holdings and Accenture, with operating and greenfield experience in Singapore, Malaysia, the UAE, and Indonesia.

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