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Michael Enright

Honorary Professor, University of Hong Kong

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Foreign direct investment
Impacts of trade
US-China trade
Greater Bay Area

Michael Enright is a leading expert on competitiveness, regional economic development, and international business strategy. Enright joined the University of Hong Kong as Professor of Business Administration in 1996 after six years as a professor at the Harvard Business School.

Professor Enright also directs the Asia-Pacific Competitiveness Program at the Hong Kong Institute of Economics and Business Strategy and was a Founding Director and current Advisory Board Member of The Competitiveness Institute (a global professional body with members in 40 nations).

As a researcher, Professor Enright has directed major reviews of the competitiveness of 20 different economies on five continents and has co-authored eight books or monographs on related topics. Enright's work on competitiveness and on the economies of Hong Kong and China has appeared in the Harvard Business Review, WorldLink, the Far Eastern Economic Review, Asian Business, Asia Inc, the South China Morning Post, and the Business Times, among others. It also has been featured in the Economist, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Asian Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Newsweek, BusinessWeek, the South China Morning Post, the Straits Times, Business Times, and many others. Current research projects include multi-year studies of multinational strategies in the Asia-Pacific, China's international competitiveness, and regional development in Greater China.

As an advisor, Professor Enright has consulted to companies, governments, and multilateral organizations on business strategy, international competitiveness, and economic development and has appeared in more than 30 countries as an invited speaker and executive educator.

Professor Enright received his A.B. (with honors), his M.B.A. (with distinction), and his Ph.D. (in Business Economics, Dean's Doctoral Fellow) from Harvard University. He is a non-executive director of Shui On Construction and Materials, Shui On Land, and Johnson Electric.