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Tom James

Tom James

CEO, CIO, and Co-Founder of TradeFlow Capital Management

Dr. Tom James is a world-renowned financial services thought leader, a FinTech entrepreneur, fund manager, published author and keynote speaker. Dr. James co-founded TradeFlow Capital, the worlds first fund group investing specifically in global commodity trade for SME firms; all made possible through digitised supply chain and operational processes.

The group launched its first fund in 2018 and thanks to Digital processes has enabled billions of dollars of imports and exports. His commercial exposure has been gained through a broad range of senior executive roles in commodity trading, investment management, commodity finance and technology architecture.

His advice is sought by Governments & Multinationals for assistance in market development and the health of business Ecosystems. Previously, he was a Senior Energy Advisor to the United States Department of Defense (TFBSO). Dr. James has documented and shared his extensive industry expertise through a series of 12 books and numerous media appearances. His content has become required material for professional exams & university courses and has been cited by NASA, Government agencies and Academics around the world. He is also on the founding team of a space tech fund for Asia.

Dr. Tom James is a world-renowned Financial Services Thought Leader, FinTech Entrepreneur, Fund Manager, Published Author & Keynote Speaker. With over three decades of international experience in the area of Commodity, Energy and Emissions markets, he is a world-renowned expert in his field of trading investment and risk management.

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