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NPF webinar | Trade in COVID-19: Techno-nationalism

Published 10 June 2020

The 3rd briefing in a 10-part webinar series by the National Press Foundation was titled “Techno-Nationalism: Covering the U.S.-China Battle for Technological and Geopolitical Dominance".

Against the backdrop of deteriorating U.S.-China relations, this briefing will explain the rise of techno-nationalism.

Experts will Zoom in from Singapore and Washington to explore Beijing’s struggle to de-Americanize its supply chains; the Trump administration’s push to reduce U.S. dependence on China for critical technologies, starting with semiconductors; and the implications for the global trading system of the superpowers’ use of adversarial industrial policies to advance geopolitical goals.

The first two briefings explored disruptions in the supply chains for food and medical goods.

This briefing is part the National Press Foundation's 10-part series of online trainings on global trade issues in the era of coronavirus. Please check here for upcoming briefings.