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NPF webinar | Trade in COVID-19: Will China's dominance in raw materials imperil the US?

Published 07 July 2020

This webinar from the National Press Foundation and Hinrich Foundation titled "Essential Ingredients: Will China’s Dominance in Raw Materials Imperil the US?" discussed supply chain risks related to China’s dominance in raw materials and essential ingredients.

They are ingredients essential for everything from livestock feed to advanced weaponry to green technology. And they are increasingly mined or processed in China – upwards of 90% for some. From “rare earth elements” used in wind turbines and jet fighters, to vitamins used in food supplies, these raw materials are vital to American and global commerce.

Many countries – including the United States – have essentially outsourced their production to one country: China. But as China grows more powerful, more assertive and more competitive militarily, the Trump administration is eager to reduce US dependence. 

In this 60-minute briefing, experts discussed why the US gave up production of many of these vital materials, what could happen if China locks down exports of them, and the prospects for diversifying vital supply chains.

Speakers included: 

This briefing is part the National Press Foundation's 10-part series of online trainings on global trade issues in the era of coronavirus. Please check here for upcoming briefings. The first three briefings explored disruptions in the supply chains for food, medical goods, techno-nationalism and the US-China trade war.