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US trade policy for the next administration

Published 17 November 2020 | 3 minute read

In this 10th Hinrich Foundation sponsored National Press Foundation webinar, we asked three experts to bring us their insights on the future of US trade policy under the new presidency and Congress.

Where would US trade policy under the next president and the new Congress head to? In the 10th installation of our series on international trade, the Hinrich Foundation and the National Press Foundation invited two experts in global trade and a leading journalist to discuss what the election means for trade policy, US trade deals with China, the UK and the EU, and the US relationship with the World Trade Organization.

Speakers included:

  • Edward Alden, Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations
  • Mary Lovely, Professor of Economics, Syracuse University; Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics
  • Lingling Wei, Senior China Correspondent, The Wall Street Journal

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