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Fostering the investment climate to attract sustainable FDI in ASEAN

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27 April 2023 | 4PM (SGT)

Southeast Asia has developed rapidly over the past two decades and the region is one of the biggest recipients of foreign direct investment (FDI) among emerging regions. The significant inflow of FDI in Southeast Asia has created jobs and made significant contributions to sustainable development, including upgrading of skills and raising living standards. The ongoing challenge is fostering an investment climate to attract sustainable investment that furthers social and environmental objectives.

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Governments need to design and implement an open and transparent policy framework for investment. This requires whole-of-government efforts, evidence-based policymaking, and meaningful stakeholder consultations.

Under the right conditions, FDI could further contribute to sustainable development in the region. A recent report titled Enabling Sustainable Investment in ASEAN by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) co-sponsored by the Hinrich Foundation provides insights into how governments and businesses can jointly act to promote the benefits of investment for social and environmental objectives.

The Hinrich Foundation and US-ASEAN Business Council are organizing a webinar to bring together key stakeholders from the private sector, multilateral forums, and government bodies to understand the ASEAN governments’ efforts in attracting sustainable investment and how they can work with businesses and other stakeholders to ensure that FDI confers sustainable benefits to the host economy.

Speakers include:

  1. Alexandre de Crombrugghe, Head of Investment Promotion and Facilitation at OECD
  2. Genevieve Ding, Public Policy Head of Sustainability Strategy for Asia-Pacific and Japan, Amazon Web Services
  3. Richard Lomas, Senior Vice President Government Affairs Asia Pacific, Citi
  4. Amb. Ted Osius, President and CEO of US-ASEAN Business Council
  5. Kathryn Dioth, Chief Executive Officer, Hinrich Foundation

The webinar will be moderated by Ambassador Michael W. Michalak, US ASEAN Business Council and Chuin Wei Yap, Program Director, International Trade Research, Hinrich Foundation.



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