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Celebrating major milestones for the Master of Global Trade

Published 19 March 2021

The Hinrich Foundation team, along with Employer Partners, RMIT University faculty and all Global Trade Leaders from the Master of Global Trade program gathered in the first-ever MGT Connect virtual event 18 March to welcome 21 new students into intake 3, induct intake 1 students into the Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association and join all together with intake 2 students.

This week marks the start of intake 3 students of the RMIT University Master of Global Trade, the 12-course, 15-month program that was developed by employers, for employers.

These three intakes of Master of Global Trade Hinrich Global Trade Leaders have an average of 12 years’ work experience across global value chains in sectors ranging from footwear and electronics manufacturing to international banking and logistics.

MGT Intake 3 Welcome 18 March 2021 (1)
The first-ever MGT Connect virtual event was held on 18 March with participations of the Hinrich Foundation team, along with Employer Partners, RMIT University faculty and all Global Trade Leaders from the Master of Global Trade.

The new group of students represent growing roles of seniority, are based in four countries of seven nationalities (American, Bangladeshi, French, Indian, Italian, Pakistani, Vietnamese), bringing the Master of Global Trade community of Hinrich Global Trade Leaders to 13 nationalities.

Merle Hinrich, Founder and Chairman of the Hinrich Foundation, expressed his well wishes for the new intake:

“Congratulations on the next steps on your journey to become a Master of Global Trade. As a Hinrich Global Trade Leader, you join a growing global network of professionals who are passionate about advancing mutually beneficial global trade.”
Merle Hinrich - Founder and Chairman, Hinrich Foundation

Supporting this growing community of MGT Hinrich Global Trade Leaders are the 40 outstanding Employer Partners with staff in the program, who combined employ 2.7 million people worldwide and generate US$780 billion in annual revenue.

Shoeib Reza Choudhury, General Director & Country Manager of DHL Express Vietnam, spoke on behalf of the Employer Partners of the program:

“DHL is a multinational companies representing 120 countries. It’s very important that we have people in our company who really understand the complexity of global trade. The Master of Global Trade is a perfect fit for us to develop our talent pipeline for the future.”
Shoeib Reza Choudhury - General Director & Country Manager, DHL Express Vietnam

The Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association (HFAA) Vice President, Yen Nguyen (HKBU MAIJS '19), inducted MGT Global Trade Leaders intake 1 into the global HFAA community.

“Welcome MGT intake 1 into the Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association! We look forward to working with you all to continue to build a tight-knit community of trade leaders; a community where we can support one another and be an ongoing and reliable resource for your lifelong professional and personal development.”
Yen Nguyen - Vice President, Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association (HFAA)

Another highlight of the event was hearing from each of our new alumni who shared how the MGT has impacted their careers and lives.

Developed by employers, for employers, the RMIT Master of Global Trade aims to build the essential talent required to grow businesses sustainably in an increasingly uncertain environment.

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