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RMIT University Master of Global Trade

In partnership with the Hinrich Foundation

We are offering 25 scholarships to professionals working across global value chains for the October Master of Global Trade.

This unique program equips graduates with the exceptional strategic and 21st century management skills required to drive sustainable trade growth.

Find out how to secure your Global Trade Leader scholarship or become an Employer Partner to advance your talent development.

Developing talent to drive sustainable trade

Unique skillsets and leadership talent are vital to driving the sustainable transformation of trade and global value chains.

The program pioneers a new approach to curriculum development and learning through the collaboration of businesses, academia and the non-profit sectors.

Instruction is delivered by practitioner-professors with lifelong experience in global trade and guest lectures by Employer Partners.

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Binh Le Rmit Mgt Hinrich Foundation
“This program enabled me to understand global trade trends and to make sense of the complexity of cross border trade activities, for more efficient outcomes.”
Binh Le - Director of Global Trade and Customs and Integrated International Tax and RMIT scholar

Become a global trade leader

Our scholarships are for people with 3+ years’ work experience. They cover 2/3 of tuition for the Master of Global Trade degree which is conferred by RMIT University Australia.

The 12, one-month courses are delivered over a 15-month period via blended learning, allowing for full-time work while studying.

Graduates gain a deeper understanding of global trade business based on critical thinking and analysis with a cross-discipline perspective. Courses include: Global market entry strategy & operations, Sales & cross-cultural negotiation, International logistics, and more.

Current scholars work in sectors ranging from electronics manufacturing to export-import trade finance.

For details and to apply, contact our Scholarship team.

Graduates are invited to join the Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association where they have access to lifelong learning and a global network of people engaged in trade. 

Meet our RMIT Hinrich scholars


Hinrich Foundation RMIT VF Employer Partner
“At VF Corp, to stay ahead, we must cultivate talent with an understanding of trade, geopolitics, risk analysis, financial management and sustainability.”
Ms. Zoe Dodge - Country Director, Vietnam, VF Corp

Become an employer partner 

To succeed in a complex, fast-changing and knowledge-intensive environment, companies in trade need to attract, train and retain the best talent possible.

The Master of Global Trade was developed by employers, for employers, to build the essential talent required to grow businesses sustainably in an increasingly uncertain environment.

The Hinrich Foundation funds and offers co-branded scholarships for our Employer Partners to develop their leadership talent.

Employer Partners include Avery Dennison, Siemens Healthcare, Samsung, VF Corp, HSBC, KMPG, BIDV, Sam Agritech, QV Seafoods, NaFoods and Duc Thang Wood, among others. Together, they employ 900,000 employees worldwide and generate $400 billion in annual revenue.

Interested in more partnership details? Contact us to discuss how we can work together.

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