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HKBU Master of Arts in International Journalism Studies

Hinrich Foundation scholarship

Together with Hong Kong Baptist University, we offer full tuition scholarships to talented young professionals passionate about fact-based communication for global trade. Studying in Hong Kong, scholars will be exposed to the crossroads of Asia in this global trade entrepot.

Special announcement

Tiantian Hu (Venus) joins the Hinrich Foundation family as the 2022 Hinrich Global Trade Leader scholarship recipient for Hong Kong Baptist University. Read our special announcement here.

Hinrich Foundation Hkbu Master Journalism Scholarship

About the scholarship - Academic Year 2023


Open to applicants enrolled in or applying to the program. Must be a citizen of Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines or Vietnam, and:

  • Have at least 5-years’ work experience and display a strong interest in working in global trade
  • Show motivation to work in Asia post-studies and display a strong interest in working in international trade-related sectors

Two full-tuition scholarships of about HK$155,000 each


Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, SAR, China


Classes begin in September 2023

Application  Deadline

7 June 2023


Scholarship graduates will be encouraged to engage with the Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association (HFAA) for mentorship, networking and possible career opportunities.

Students need to be admitted to the HKBU MAIJS program to be eligible for the scholarship. For details and to apply, please contact the Taught Postgraduate Programmes Office at HKBU MAIJS program here.