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Wind and Wires: China Tests Europe’s Lead in Wind Power and 5G

Published 30 August 2022

The US-China rivalry has often overshadowed Europe, and the role the continent plays in the global race to lead in critical and green technologies. Several European nations have found success in critical industries such as wind power and telecommunications. The Association of Foreign Press Correspondents in collaboration with the Hinrich Foundation organized a webinar on 11 August 2022 to discuss the European leadership in wind power and 5G technology and the rising challenge from Chinese competition.

Watch the webinar:

The rivalry between the United States and China continues to dominate much of the geopolitical conversation, particularly as the two nations continue to vie for the title of global hegemon. At the moment, the two nations are at odds once again as multiple issues collide. The rivalry has often come at the cost of overlooking European leadership in several areas, one of the most important ones being the leading role that the continent plays in critical and green technologies.  

Catch up on this discussion organized by the Association of Foreign Press Correspondents (AFPC-USA) and the Hinrich Foundation to learn about European leadership in wind power and 5G technology and the rising challenge from Chinese competition. The webinar was moderated by Patricia Vasconcellos, the U.S. correspondent for Brazilian TV network SBT, and it featured the following speakers 

  • Dr Luke Patey, Senior Researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies and Lead Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies 
  • Ilaria Mazzocco, Trustee Chair in Chinese Business and Economics at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) 
  • Scott Moore, Director of China Programs and Strategic Initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania 

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