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Podcast Unilateral Green Rules 16 To 9


Unilateral green rules and voluntary standards: A balancing act for Brazil

AFPC The Big Leak Without Logo

Hinrich article

The big leak: How trade sanctions against Russia are failing

What's Next For China After A 20 Year Engagement With The WTO Without Logo

Hinrich article

What's next for China in the WTO?

AFPC Podcast Manak 16 To 9


Decoding the role of US trade policy in presidential elections

AFPC Interview Trade In Services Without Logo

Hinrich article

How regulations and policies can contribute to trade growth in services

AFPC Podcast Trade Talk With Rockwell


A trade talk with Keith Rockwell

AFPC Podcast MC13 On The Horizon


Why the WTO can't find a path to consensus

AFPC Interview Storey Without Logo

Hinrich article

Supply chains are moving away from China. The reasons are more complex than you think.

AFPC Interview Export Restrictions Without Logo

Hinrich article

The real cost of export restrictions

AFPC Podcast Semiconductor Trade Wars (16 To 9)


The semiconductor trade wars

AFPC Interview Lee Sue Ann Without Logo

Hinrich article

Shifting tides: How the US-China rivalry reshapes Southeast Asian priorities

AFPC Podcast Decarbonizing Steel


Decarbonizing the global steel industry