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Employer Partners

Master of Global Trade

Meet our Employer Partners from the Master of Global Trade program. This program was developed by employers, for employers, to build the essential leadership talent required to grow businesses sustainably in an increasingly uncertain environment.

Meet our Hinrich Global Trade Leaders from the Master of Global Trade program here


One of the world’s leading professional services firms, PwC has served 84% of the Global Fortune 500 companies and more than 100,000 entrepreneurial and private businesses.

Q Industries

Q Industries provides integrated procurement solutions to clients, including on-site kitchen utensils, logistics management, concept advisory and design consultancy.

QV Seafood

Quoc Viet is one of Vietnam’s leading shrimp processors and exporters, with two generations of experience in delivering the highest quality products to the global market.

RMIT University

RMIT is a global university of design, technology and enterprise that ranks 21st in the Top 50 Universities Under 50 Years Old worldwide.

Rytle Asia-Pacific

Rytle combines state-of-the-art technology and environmental protection for flexibility in logistics in a cost-efficient and nearly emission-free way.