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Paterson Industrial Subsidies

Hinrich article

Industrial subsidies and the pressing need for action

Norberg B+W RV

Hinrich article

A call for openness in a time of lockdowns – and protectionism

Covid 19 Vaccine

External resource

COVID-19 vaccine production and tariffs on vaccine inputs

Covid 19 PPE

External resource

Indicative list of trade-related bottlenecks and trade-facilitating measures on critical products to combat Covid-19

US EU Steel

Hinrich article

US-EU steel agreement is no victory for free trade – and that’s fine

Evenett Subsidies & Market Access

White paper

Subsidies and market access: Towards an inventory of corporate subsidies by China, the EU and the US

China Steel Subsidies

External resource

Industrial subsidies and their impacts on exports of trading partners: the China case

Trade Coercion Self Harm Kuriyama

Hinrich article

Coercion: The international economics of self-harm

Digital Tax

External resource

Section 301 Investigations: Foreign Digital Services Taxes (DSTs)

Us Eu Deal Subsidies (Custom)

Hinrich article

US and EU look for a deal on subsidies, while eyeing China

Biden Supply Chain Review

Hinrich article

Biden’s supply chain review could produce Trump-like policies

lobster trade wars.png


Lobsters are a prawn in the trade wars