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Trade Educators Center

Are you teaching students on foreign affairs, global business or international public policy?

Welcome to Hinrich Foundation’s Trade Educators Center, featuring our helpful starter course pack and a classroom discussion guide.

Teachers of topics ranging from business and foreign policy to political science and journalism are using our content and tools in multiple ways – as assigned reading, as the basis for in-class discussion and case studies, and to create online discussion groups.

Watch a short video featuring Hinrich Foundation Director of Research and Outreach, Dr. Andrew Staples, on how educators could use our platform to promote trade discussions in their classrooms.

International trade policy is a core part of countries’ foreign policy engagement, drives how goods and services are produced and distributed, influences where jobs are created, and is a strategic tool in shaping long-term competitive advantage.

Many academic programs have insufficient content on this important topic. Teaching material – if it covers trade policy at all – is often theoretical and does not draw from real-world business and policy scenarios, making it hard to stimulate student interest and engagement.

The Hinrich Foundation’s TradeVistas team has prepared teaching aids to assist educators, and the Hinrich Foundation’s articles are available to educators to use with their classes – as assigned reading, as the basis for in-class discussion and case studies, and to create online discussion groups. The content is available for reprint and use through our reprint policy.

Watch these videos featuring our contributors who describe how educators can utilize our materials in their teaching:

Alex Capri on semiconductors and "techno-nationalism"

Ed Gerwin on the lessons of trade in pencils

Alice Calder on how young professionals and students leverage our content

Get the starter course pack

Find foundational articles covering the history of US trade policy, global trade institutions, current trade topics, and other essential topics from tariff policies to national security aspects of trade laws.

This packet includes short excerpts to introduce educators to some of our most essential resources.

Start a discussion

Educators can use our classroom guide to lead students in discussions on the history, legal background and policies driving global trade.

Our guide and articles are designed to supplement academic materials, and to encourage active learning methods such as student debates, case studies, and simulations. Here's what professors are saying:

TradeVistas is a reliable resource that provides a fresh look at current information in a clear and inviting way. That makes it a good source of material for my international business courses.
Sheila M. Puffer, PhD - University Distinguished Professor of International Business and Strategy, D'Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University
TradeVistas has mastered the art of revealing the many ways in which trade is at work in our daily lives. The new course pack is a gift to any classroom where hands-on learning about trade policy is a goal.
Jill O'Donnell - Director of the Clayton Yeutter Institute of International Trade and Finance, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Understand TradeVistas' merge into the Hinrich Foundation, as we continue the trade dialogue: