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Digital trade

Digital nation: Policy levers for investment and growth

Published 12 April 2018 | 1 minute read

This report, prepared by AlphaBeta for the Asia Internet Coalition (AIC), shows how countries across the Asia-Pacific region are benefiting from the rapid digitization of the business world, which boosts their productivity and growth. Yet some countries are benefiting more than others, as their economies become more digital.

The report has three main objectives: first, outline the most critical policy levers to boost growth and investment in the digital economy; second, measure how well countries across the Asia Pacific currently perform when extracting benefits from the digital economy; third, give concrete recommendations to policymakers.

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AlphaBeta is a consulting firm who use advanced data analytics to solve some of the biggest challenges facing business and government. Their strategic advice allows their clients to navigate the powerful economic forces shaking up the markets they operate in.

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