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Thuy Ngo MGT '21

Thuy Ngo




RMIT University
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Master of Global Trade, Class of 2021
Co-sponsor: HSBC


Country Head of Sales
HSBC, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
“The Master of Global Trade program can enable me to develop the skillset and knowledge through lecturers who have practical expertise in their fields, and equip me with up-to-date global trade situation.”

Thuy is Country Head of Sales for Global Trade and Receivables Finance (GTRF) at HSBC Bank in Vietnam. HSBC has 150 years of experience in Vietnam, and is one of the largest foreign banks in the country.

Thuy leads the GTRF sales team and tracks its performance to ensure strategic alignment with global and country strategy. Thuy has been with HSBC Vietnam since 2007, when she was Trade Operation Staff Member. After two years, she was promoted as Trade Sales Manager. She also worked at Scancom International, a leading global manufacturer of outdoor furniture, as a Benelux Sales Manager from 2004.

Thuy earned her bachelor’s degree in International Trade Management from Foreign Trade University in Vietnam in 2007.