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Rohan Mehrotra

Rohan Mehrotra




RMIT University
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Master of Global Trade, Class of 2023


Deputy Manager (Operation, Quality)
TEX Vietnam, Vietnam
“This scholarship will give me an opportunity to enhance my skillsets in the cross-functional and diverse aspects in an organization and will provide me greater opportunity in the manufacturing sector.”

Scholar background

Rohan joined Tex Fasteners – a leading manufacturer of premium zippers, pullers and metal buttons founded in 2012 – as a Graduate Engineer Trainee before being promoted to an Assistant Manager of Production in India, where he was responsible for overseeing a single-product production line.

In 2015, Rohan relocated in Ho Chi Minh and worked for Tex Fasteners as the Assistant Manager of Operations and collaborated with the team to set up the manufacturing facilities. He is the Operation Deputy Manager, in charge of implementing quality assurance procedure to improve the production flow and reduce process inefficiency.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Automation Engineering from Amity University, India in 2012.

Personal statement

The Master of Global Trade scholarship provides a bridge between the functional aspects of an industry and the macroeconomics. I foresee this course as a path-defining objective in my career, which will help me take a step forward in achieving my ambitions of skills enhancement as well as management and operational excellence. Each subject in the given syllabus is industry-specific and practically oriented towards problems we deal with in our daily professional life. Insightful knowledge and in-depth understanding of these 12 courses can be fruitful in guiding my career to greater heights.

The Hinrich Foundation community and its scholarship program instill in me the belief and confidence to nurture my leadership goals as it adds expertise across all aspects of trade to my current knowledge and industry experience. With nine+ years of experience in the manufacturing industry and working in an environment where cross-functional working is a prized asset for an organization, this scholarship program is the perfect platform to refine my theoretical knowledge and apply it in my current organization to maximize my performance.

I plan to use my education in engineering, work experience and the Master of Global Trade to the fullest capacity to be able to advance in my career and be able to handle operations as a whole. The engagement of trade experts from various industries and the Hinrich Foundation would allow me to stay on par with the ever fast-moving and ever-evolving global economy.