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Quynh Ngo

Ngo Thu Quynh




RMIT University
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Master of Global Trade, Class of 2023


Marketing Director
Sunshine Group, Hanoi, Vietnam

“With its high-quality curriculum and valuable networking opportunities, the MGT Program will empower me to unlock my full potential as a natural leader and allow me to proactively advance my career.”

Scholar background

Quynh is the Marketing Director of the Sunshine Group, a conglomerate and leading real estate developer in Vietnam. She serves as the Marketing Director and is the point person for all corporate marketing campaigns, including Sunshine Homes, Kienlong Bank, KSFinance and Unicloud. She also manages the company’s communications strategies and overall brand image.

Prior to working for Sunshine Group, Quynh led the Public Affairs team of T&A Ogilvy, a top communication agency in Vietnam and part of the agency’s vast global network. There, she was in charge of public affairs and public relations services for a wide range of corporate clients, including Lotte, NutiFood and Unilever.

Quynh received both her Bachelor’s in Commerce (2013) and her Master of Global Trade (2023) from RMIT University Vietnam. She earned her master’s degree as a Hinrich Foundation scholar.

Personal statement

In today’s world, everything is closely interconnected, and the ongoing development of global trade has created immense opportunities for local exporters to expand sales and profits. Providing goods and services in other countries can allow companies to extend a product’s lifecycle and reduce the risk of economic downturns as compared to operating in a single market.

Foreign market penetration is among the most important business objectives of Vietnam’s largest multi-industry corporations, including Sunshine Group.

After 10 years of working experience – and as someone dedicated to continuous learning – I am motivated to take my career and my self-development journey to the next level through the Master of Global Trade program. I believe this program will provide perfect opportunities for me to achieve my career ambitions.

The program will equip me with a comprehensive theoretical and practical understanding of how to build confidence across global markets by improving transparency in regard to trade policy and practices – and how to keep supply chains flowing even in the face of constant challenge and change. Such knowledge will strengthen by ability to make strategic decisions in my role as Marketing Director of Sunshine Group.

Through the Master of Global Trade program and the Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association, I will not only have the chance to learn from high-profile academic lecturers on the newest developments in global trade, but also to foster valuable connections with other passionate and knowledgeable business leaders.