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Thuy Ngo MGT '21

Thuy Ngo




RMIT University
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Master of Global Trade, Class of 2021
Co-sponsor: HSBC


Country Head of Trade, Global Trade and Receivables Finance
HSBC, Bangkok, Thailand

“This program enables me to develop professional skills through experienced lecturers in the trade field and equip me with up-to-date global trade situation.”

Alumni background

Thuy currently serves as the Country Head of Trade for Global Trade and Receivables Finance at HSBC in Bangkok, Thailand. Originally from Vietnam, Thuy previously worked as the Country Head of Sales for Global Trade and Receivables Finance at HSBC , one of the largest foreign banks in Vietnam. She also worked at Scancom International, a leading global manufacturer of outdoor furniture, as a Benelux Sales Manager from 2004.

Thuy earned her bachelor’s degree in International Trade Management from the Foreign Trade University in Vietnam in 2007 and completed her Master of Global Trade at RMIT University as a Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Leader Scholar in 2021.

Personal statement

Working in leading foreign banks and majoring in global trade and receivables finance for more than ten years, I have built my career in international environments with a strong connection in global trade and development.

It is a massive opportunity for me to join the Master of Global Trade program under the Hinrich Foundation’s Global Trade Leader Scholarship. Aside from the ability to study, I can exchange my experiences while networking and enhancing the knowledge of the wider scholar community.

I have heavily immersed myself into the world of digital trade by exploring and implementing the blockchain trade network in Vietnam since 2019. I have been working closely with local authorities, corporations and enterprises to pursue trade transformation in Vietnam. This is in order to conduct the integration between the financial institutions and the whole supply chain ecosystem.

I am honored to be selected as a Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Leader Scholar and committed to the values of the Foundation. I consider the program as a unique opportunity to position myself, expand my understanding of the region, connect with the global trade community and actively support the Foundation’s causes.