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UKDIT Weblogo

UK Department for International Trade

The UK Department for International Trade secures UK and global prosperity by promoting and financing international investment and championing free trade.


London, United Kingdom

The UK Department for International Trade (DIT) is responsible for promoting UK trade and investment around the world. Founded in 2016, DIT specializes in negotiating international trade agreements, helping UK business take full advantage of trade opportunities, as well as delivering an outward-looking trade diplomacy strategy. DIT works to build a fair and open global trading environment that supports jobs and higher wages, raises living standards, and lifts people out of poverty. Its international network is spread across 108 countries, helping to create tens of thousands of jobs every year.

UK Department for International Trade Vietnam is a Hinrich Foundation Employer Partner in the RMIT University Master of Global Trade program, sponsoring David Slatter, Regional Partnerships and Trade Operations Manager, Asia-Pacific.