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David Slatter RMIT MGT'23 Vietnam HFAA Alumni & Scholar Profile Pro(Bw)

David Slatter


United Kingdom


RMIT University
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Master of Global Trade, Class of 2023


Performance and Exports Manager, Asia-Pacific Exports Hub
UK Department for International Trade, Vietnam
“The Master of Global Trade’s exciting curriculum offers an excellent opportunity for me to develop my knowledge and skills to become a leader for the UK government on international trade.”

Scholar background

David Slatter is the Performance and Exports Manager for the Asia-Pacific Exports Hub at the UK's Department for International Trade, which is responsible for promoting UK trade across the world and encouraging foreign investment. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, David leads a team of five in Vietnam and another team of 12 Market Advisors in countries across APAC to assist UK companies, with a focus on SMEs, to find and access local market opportunities and demand.

Before moving to Vietnam, he was the Head of Marketing & Digital Campaigns for DIT in Korea and the Regional Marketing Campaigns Manager in Singapore, where he oversaw the strategy, budget and execution for DIT marketing activities across Southeast Asia.

David obtained his bachelor’s degree in International History and Politics from the University of the West of England, Bristol in 2009.

Personal statement

I have been working in the field of global trade for eight years for the UK Government’s Department for International Trade to support the UK’s importing and exporting relationships in Asia with my background in trade promotion, market entry support, and economic policy analysis. I am the Asia-Pacific Trade Operations and Partnership Manager based in Vietnam. I worked previously worked for the department in trade promotion and marketing roles in Singapore and South Korea.

My experience until now, however, has been mostly from the governmental view, and I feel the Hinrich Foundation’s Global Trade Leader Scholarship and the Master of Global Trade program, with its curriculum developed by industry leaders, will provide me with a fuller understanding of considerations companies face when making decisions on when, where, and with whom they trade. It is important that government policy makers listen to the needs of business and the support services we offer are optimized for the real-world business requirements. I trust this course will allow to further develop my expertise and improve my own understanding and support of global trade.

The principles of free trade are facing increased political scrutiny in many countries, as well as facing logistical challenges due to COVID. It is more important than ever that we have leaders who understand and can navigate these complexities. I am personally passionate about the role international trade plays in global development, peace and security, and hope the skills offered by the Hinrich Foundation will allow me to be a leader for free and fair trade in both the UK and Asia-Pacific.