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Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Sustainable Trade Awards winners announced

Published 15 November 2023

Winners Demonstrate Appreciable Progress Across the Sustainability Framework that Balances Environmental Stewardship, Societal Well-Being and Economic Growth.

At the Hinrich Foundation Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Sustainable Trade Awards Singapore, the Hinrich Foundation recognized the winners N&E Innovations, Market for Good and No Harm Done. Each demonstrates appreciable progress across the sustainability framework that balances environmental stewardship, societal well-being and economic growth.

Hinrich Foundation’s Program Director, Alex Boome, said: “The objective of the SME Sustainable Trade Awards is to recognize SMEs leading the way in sustainable trade practices. Through the awards, the winners will serve as exemplars to the SME ecosystem.

“This initiative was spearheaded by the Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association, all recipients of our scholarships to help develop global trade leaders. While the Awards focus on sustainability at the SME level, they are complimentary to the Hinrich Foundation IMD-Sustainable Trade Index, which looks at sustainability at a country level.”

SME Sustainable Trade Awards Winners

N&E Innovations is a sustainability driven company that has developed Vikang99, a potent antimicrobial agent derived from upcycled food waste. N&E Innovations’ Managing Director, Didi Gan, said: “Sustainability is a core pillar of our company. We upcycle food waste into sustainable products.”

It employs a chemical-free production process using a product which would otherwise have gone to waste. This innovative solution not only reduces greenhouse gas production, but also offers sustainable alternatives to traditional antimicrobial agents. Vikang99 has been incorporated into naturally blended C2Plus disinfectants and antimicrobial coatings.

Market for Good, is a unique platform designed for social and environmental organizations, providing them a free stage to offer their products, services and experiences. Companies that would like to spend responsibly, offset the carbon emission of orders and promote a social or environmental cause can find in Market for Good gifts and experiences.

Market for Good Managing Director, Tali Goldman, said: “To drive a significant shift towards sustainability, we must initiate action at a macro level. Our approach to applying sustainability in our business revolves around creating social impact by hiring people in need, collaborating with social organizations to help them scale and implementing sustainable practices to minimize carbon emissions.”

No Harm Done is transforming Asia’s favorite street drinks into convenient Nespresso® Compatible planet-friendly capsules for home or office use. They refer to this as Kopitiam at Home! No Harm Done Founder & CEO, Simon Lieberum, said: “Impact is the key to long-term sustainability.”

Award Partners

The Hinrich Foundation and Environmental Resources Management (ERM) assessed applicants based on a framework they developed specifically for SMEs engaged in cross-border trade. Other organizations supporting the Awards included the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Australian Chamber of Commerce, Singapore International Chamber of Commerce, EuroCham and the Singapore Association of Shipsuppliers and service.

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