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Hinrich Foundation Centre Singapore welcomes 32 University of Auckland MBA Students for Global Trade Briefing

Published 11 August 2022 | 5 minute read

The briefing highlights the Importance of Trade, the Hinrich Trade Education Center & Engagement with Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association Network.

Singapore, 11 Aug 2022 – The Hinrich Foundation Centre Singapore team gave a briefing on global trade for 32 University of Auckland MBA students who are in Singapore for a study tour. The Hinrich Foundation team shared details on the upcoming Sustainable Trade Index, the International Trade Ranking and the Hinrich Trade Education Center.

Through the Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association network, the students will also visit SAP and VF Asia.

Hinrich Foundation’s CEO, Kathryn Dioth, shared with students the Foundation’s focus on promoting sustainable global trade and the positive impacts it can generate for society. Dioth stressed that for those benefits to be realized, trade must be mutually beneficial, and balance economic, societal and environmental imperatives.

Program Director of Trade Research, Yap Chuin Wei, led a conversation about free trade agreements and the state of global trade today. Education Program Director, Alex Boome, introduced a suite of resources available to students and professors within the Hinrich Trade Education Center. Research Manager Mekhla Jia offered insight into the 2022 Sustainable Trade Index, set to launch in November.

SAP & VF Asia Singapore Office Visits

Celeste Zeng, in her capacity as President of the Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association, has arranged for students to visit SAP’s Asia Experience Centre to learn about SAP’s innovation strategy in the region. SAP is a Fortune Global 500 company that develops enterprise applications.

A number of Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association members work with VF Corp, the Fortune 500 leading apparel, footwear and accessories company. Gareth Brooks, Managing Director of VF Asia, will share details about the company’s innovation across its global value chains.

Hinrich Foundation scholarships

The Hinrich Foundation believes the development of future trade leaders begins with education. Since 2019, the Hinrich Foundation has been offering scholarships for the University of Auckland Master of International Business program. Upon graduation, all scholarship recipients are invited to join the Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association.

To learn more about the Hinrich Foundation, visit, and for scholarship details, visit

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