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Media Education

Covering global trade in 2022

As the world slowly rebounds following the shock of the coronavirus pandemic, existing issues such as supply chain bottlenecks, global warming, and Sino-US tensions continue to shape international trade. What are the key trends and persisting questions journalists should look out for? This 2022 series will provide participants with valuable first-hand insights from industry leaders, academics, seasoned reporters, and officials, as they share their views on how the global economy would evolve in the coming years.

Deglobalization and how to cover it

Trade forms the bedrock of international relations. However, as the world splits into new blocs, with the US and the EU attempting to cripple Russia’s economy and constrain China, traditional reporting on trade has been upended. The Hinrich Foundation sponsored a webinar organized by the National Press Foundation on 20 Oct 2022 to unpack these growing developments with four key experts.

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Ukraine war redraws global trade map

As Russia's invasion of Ukraine enters its second month, global attention has been following China's response to the crisis. Can the country continue to remain neutral? Will China and Europe's 'frenemy' relationship change? Is life about to get harder for Chinese multinational corporations? Watch a recap of this National Press Foundation briefing, supported by the Hinrich Foundation.

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What to expect of supply chain snafus in 2022?

Congestion in US ports is causing severe supply chain disruptions across different sectors. What is driving these latest snafus and what are the trends we should look out for? Watch a recap of this National Press Foundation briefing, sponsored by the Hinrich Foundation, to gain a deeper understanding of this sprawling global story.

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Telling The Global Trade Story

Telling the global trade story

Sponsored by the Hinrich Foundation, the National Press Foundation launched a series of online briefings covering all aspects of global trade. Click here to view all.

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