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Globinar featuring global trade leader Merle Hinrich, Founder of Hinrich Foundation

The webinar has ended. To watch the recap, click on the button below:

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Global Chamber will be speaking with Hinrich Foundation Founder and Chairman Merle Hinrich on trade around the world. Having dedicated his life on promoting trade, Hinrich will be sharing his 50-plus years of experience in Asia and how he observed trade has changed over time. Some of the questions Hinrich will be answering include:

  • What progress with trade has been made and is being made today
  • What does the future of trade look like? What is being done today to improve it?
  • What is the Hinrich Foundation doing about it?

The conversation will also cover the topic of sustainable global trade and the Hinrich Foundation Sustainable Trade Index, which measures the readiness of 20 economies to participate in the international trading system, in a manner that supports long term sustainable development.

Hinrich will also talk about the importance of FDI, it’s recent decline, its consequences, and what needs to be done to reverse the trend.

The discussion will be moderated by Doug Bruhnke, Founder/CEO of the Global Chamber.


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