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Globinar featuring global trade leader Merle Hinrich, Founder of Hinrich Foundation

Published 21 July 2021

Hinrich Foundation Founder Merle Hinrich recently joined the Global Chamber for a dialogue on the evolution of trade in Asia. Watch a replay of the discussion to understand the key driving forces in Asia Pacific trade, and the importance of mutually beneficial trade for a sustainable future.

The Global Chamber spoke with Hinrich Foundation Founder and Chairman Merle Hinrich on July 9 on international commerce and its transformation. Having dedicated his life to promoting trade, Hinrich shared his five-decade long experience in Asia and his observation on the region's rapid development. Key highlights include:

  • Hinrich's entrepreneurial journey in Asia, starting in Japan, and how he founded Global Sources in 1971.
  • How global trade has changed over the years, in particular the rising significance of regional trade agreements and technological advancements.
  • The importance of the digital economy and foreign direct investment for sustainable growth.

The discussion was moderated by Doug Bruhnke, Founder/CEO of the Global Chamber.

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