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Chatham House Global Trade Conference 2024

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07 March 2024 | 8:30AM to 6PM (UK Time)

The 2024 in-person and virtual hybrid Chatham House conference explores what is on the horizon for global trade, how the international community can integrate ESG considerations more effectively, and addresses what recent digital advancements will mean for international commerce.

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The global trade landscape is changing, and the rise of industrial policies raises concerns about the future of open and sustainable trade. This means policymakers and business leaders need to be more agile in navigating shifting geopolitical dynamics and look at ways to minimize risks across global supply chains.

Join Hinrich Foundation Senior Research Fellow Keith Rockwell in a panel session that explores the effects that the election 'super year' will have on trade:

  • Will competition between the US and China be intensified by the presidential election and how can the world best respond?
  • How will European and British parliamentary elections change their approach to trade?
  • What would an election in the United Kingdom mean for the goals it set by joining the CPTPP trade agreement?
  • Will these elections present new opportunities to build new alliances and free trade agreements to foster open and global trade?

This discussion features among other high-level panel dialogues, interactive spotlight sessions (exclusive to in-person attendees), and networking opportunities with a global gathering of senior policymakers, government representatives, and trade practitioners.

Hinrich Foundation readers enjoy complimentary virtual-only access to this one-day event by using code HFGT2024 during registration.

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