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Making e-payments easier

Co-organized by the Hinrich Foundation and the Asian Trade Centre

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Digital payments are critical for digital commerce. Efficient and effective electronic payment services allow consumers to purchase goods and services from merchants globally with more convenience and for firms to sell around the world with more ease and less costs. Cross-border digital payments can foster regional economic development and the growth and resilience of micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) looking to thrive in the post-Covid era.

New innovations with e-payments will improve access and lower the costs of cross-border transactions, especially for MSMEs. But while domestic payment systems have advanced, cross-border retail e-payments remain slow, costly and opaque and difficult to manage. A lack of access and regulatory and payment network interoperability means that payments remain a key challenge for MSMEs hoping to engage in cross-border e-commerce.

This webinar will help explore the issues and policy challenges related to creating a digital payments system for the region that helps all firms to grow. Speakers include:

- Deborah Elms, Executive Director, Asian Trade Centre

- Jeremy G. Sturchio, Head of Government Engagement, Asia Pacific, Visa

- Chomnab Ho, Founder, FAIRWEAVE

This session will be moderated by Dini Djalal, Associate Director (Editorial) of the Hinrich Foundation.