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Careers in Trade

Logistics and Operations

Careers center on managing global operations, supply chains, and logistics for efficient international trade.

Below are samples of some exciting roles in this area to help guide your studies and career planning.

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Global Operations Manager Re

Global Operations Manager


As a Global Operations Manager, you are the strategic linchpin of your company's international operations. Your primary responsibility is overseeing and coordinating various aspects of global operations, ensuring efficiency and smooth functioning.

This role encompasses managing supply chains, logistics, production processes, and distribution networks across different countries. You are tasked with optimizing operational workflows, ensuring compliance with international standards and regulations, and tailoring processes to suit diverse cultural and business environments.


  • Proficiency in global operations management and process optimization.
  • Strong leadership and team coordination skills.
  • Knowledge of international regulations and compliance.
  • Ability to adapt operations to varying cultural and business contexts.
  • Strategic thinking and effective problem-solving capabilities.

Growth Opportunities

  • Potential advancement includes senior leadership roles in global operations or strategic planning.


  • A Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or Operations Management. 
International Logistics Coordinator Re

International Logistics Coordinator


As an International Logistics Coordinator, you are pivotal in ensuring the smooth and efficient movement of goods across international borders. Your role involves planning, implementing, and managing logistics strategies for international shipments.

You coordinate with suppliers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, and internal teams to facilitate timely and cost-effective delivery. You also manage the intricacies of international shipping regulations, customs procedures, and transportation challenges.

Your expertise in logistics and attention to detail are essential in minimizing disruptions and maintaining the integrity of the supply chain, which is vital for the success of global trade.


  • Expertise in international logistics and supply chain management.
  • Strong coordination and communication skills.
  • Proficiency in navigating international shipping regulations and customs procedures.
  • Attention to detail and capability to manage complex logistical tasks.
  • Problem-solving skills and the ability to handle logistical challenges effectively.

Growth Opportunities

  • Career progression may include roles as a senior logistics manager or director of international logistics.


  • A Bachelor's degree in Logistics or Supply Chain Management. 
Supply Chain Analyst Re

Supply Chain Analyst


As a Supply Chain Analyst, your role is pivotal in analyzing and enhancing supply chain processes to boost efficiency and effectiveness in the realm of international trade. You are tasked with collecting and interpreting large data sets to identify trends, pinpoint bottlenecks, and uncover opportunities within the supply chain.

Your responsibilities include developing strategies to optimize inventory levels, minimize costs, improve customer service, and ensure the timely delivery of goods. You provide valuable insights and recommendations that are integral to decision-making processes.

Your work is essential in streamlining operations, mitigating risks, and adapting to the dynamic nature of global market conditions.


  • Proficiency in data analysis and interpretation.
  • Strong understanding of supply chain management principles.
  • Ability to identify areas for process improvement and cost reduction.
  • Excellent problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Effective communication skills for presenting complex information clearly.

Growth Opportunities

  • Career advancement may include roles as a senior supply chain analyst, supply chain manager, or director of supply chain operations.


  • A Bachelor's degree in Supply Chain Management, Business Analytics, or a related field is required.

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