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Exploring careers in trade

International trade and business encompass a vast array of vital and exciting career opportunities spanning dozens of sectors right across global value chains.

Work in this field increases consumer choice at lower cost, supports millions of jobs globally and brings people closer together through mutually beneficial global trade.

Successful Career In Global Trade Infographic

Career opportunities in global trade

Careers across global trade value chains offer exciting opportunities for leaders who have an international perspective and embrace lifelong learning.

This infographic highlights an overview some of the roles in global trade that are in highest demand.

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Types of careers in trade

Trade & Business Development

Trade and Business Development

Finance & Banking

Finance and Banking

Legal & Compliance

Legal and Compliance


Policy & Government Relations

Policy and Government Relations

Environmental & Sustainability

Environmental and Sustainability

Marketing & Sales

Marketing and Sales


Logistics & Operations

Logistics and Operations

Technology & E-commerce

Technology and E-commerce

Human Resources & Talent Management

Human Resources and Talent Management

Pathways to Successful Careers in Trade

Looking for inspiration to start your trade career or take it to the next level? We’ve gathered stories and insights from professionals across a range of sectors and career stages. To learn from their experience, read their profile.

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