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Hinrich Global Trade Leader scholarships awarded for international journalism study

Published 03 September 2020

Congratulations to our two new scholars for being awarded the 2020 Hinrich Global Trade Leader scholarship for Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) Master of Arts in International Journalism Studies.

Edrian Ostulano from the Philippines, and Md. Altafur Rahman from Bangladesh, join the Hinrich Foundation family as 2020 Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholars for HKBU MA in International Journalism Studies. The Foundation awards the scholarship to talented young professionals passionate about fact-based communication for advancing sustainable global trade.

Read Altafur's full profile

Md. Altafur Rahman (Bangladesh)

Hinrich Global Trade Leader

HKBU MA in International Journalism Studies, Class of 2021


“This prestigious scholarship will allow me to discover the depth of global journalism and make me a better journalist through a versatile understanding of the global arena.”

Read Edrian's full profile

Edrian Ostulano (Philippines)

Hinrich Global Trade Leader

HKBU MA in International Journalism Studies, Class of 2021


“With the tutelage from one of the best journalism schools in Asia, I will be equipped with skills and knowledge to become a successful journalist and global trade leader.”


“Global trade is based on trust and mutual understanding,” said Alex Boome, Program Director of the Hinrich Foundation. “To be sustainable, it must also be mutually beneficial. Critical to that is fact-based research and analysis that the HKBU program provides our scholars so they can develop the skills they need to understand issues, their impact on people, and how to truthfully communicate that with stakeholders.”

Altafur and Edrian join the 45 Global Trade Leader alumni from this program from 7 countries  who are practicing their craft around the world.

About HKBU MA in International Journalism Studies

Founded since 1956, Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) today encompasses eight Faculties / Schools offering a range of undergraduate programmes, associate degree and higher diploma programmes as well as taught postgraduate programmes and research postgraduate programmes leading to the award of master and doctoral degrees.  It prides itself on its dual focus on teaching and research and encourages service to society among its staffs and students. 

Over the years, HKBU has remained committed to academic excellence and the development of the whole person, and has gained a reputation as one of Asia’s finest institutions of higher learning.

The Master of Arts in International Journalism Studies at HKBU is one of the leading journalism programs in Asia. It’s a one-year full-time master program with two concentrations: International Journalism and Business and Financial Journalism provides professional postgraduate studies in international journalism with a particular emphasis on Hong Kong, Mainland China and East/Southeast Asia.

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