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OECD Enabling Sustainable Investment In ASEAN

White paper

Enabling sustainable investment in ASEAN

Services Tax

Hinrich article

Services Trade Restrictiveness Index (STRI)

Data Flow

External resource

Mapping commonalities in regulatory approaches to cross-border data transfers

Women In Trade

External resource

Trade and gender: A framework of analysis

Circular Economy

External resource

International trade and circular economy – Policy alignment


External resource

Using trade to fight COVID-19: Manufacturing and distributing vaccines

Hinrich Foundation OECD Barriers To Trade In Digitally Enabled Services In The G20

External resource

Digital trade importance after COVID-19

Hinrich Foundation UNCTAD International Trade In Services 2019 Quarter 3

External resource

Impact of COVID-19 on cost of services exports

Containers 1

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OECD Economic Outlook 2020

Hinrich Foundation OECD Economic Outlook For Southeast Asia, China And India 2018

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OECD economic outlook 2019

Hinrich Foundation OECD International Investment Statistics 2019

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OECD international investment statistics 2019

Hinrich Foundation OECD Measuring Distortions In International Markets The Semiconductor Value Chain

External resource

Measuring distortions in international markets: The semiconductor value chain