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Digital trade

SME competitiveness outlook 2018: Business ecosystems for the digital age

Published 19 October 2018 | 1 minute read

New technologies such as advanced robotics, 3D-printing, big data and the Internet of Things are rapidly changing the way firms do business. As a result, a strong business ecosystem is necessary to manage this change.

The SME Competitiveness Outlook report by the International Trade Centre (ITC) combines data analysis, academic insights, thought leader views and case studies to guide policymakers, businesses, and trade and investment support institutions in designing the business ecosystem that is necessary for small businesses to embrace and benefit from industry 4.0. This year’s edition includes 50 country profiles on SME competitiveness, with a focus on strengths and weaknesses of the business ecosystem.

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The International Trade Centre (ITC) is a multilateral agency which has a joint mandate with the World Trade Organization and the United Nations through the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Through its work, the ITC contributes directly to 10 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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