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Sustainable trade

How trade agreements can level the gender playing field

Published 13 July 2021

International trade has historically been considered “gender neutral.” Yet, in practice, even seemingly neutral trade policies can discriminate against women. In this report, the CSIS Scholl Chair in International Business considers what policymakers and negotiators can do to improve women’s global market access.

Historically, trade policy has failed to fully appreciate the role and interests of women in the economy. Delivering gender equality is not only desirable socially but essential for sustained global trade and economic growth. This paper by the Center for Strategic and International Studies explores measures to make trade policy and trade agreements work for women. Inclusion of gender-specific language in trade agreements, greater representation of women in trade advisory councils and the creation of gender-specific trade committees are some of the policy recommendations suggested to level the playing field.

Download How trade agreements can level the gender playing field by the CSIS.

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