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Trade distortion and protectionism

COVID-19 vaccine production and tariffs on vaccine inputs

Published 15 November 2021

This new study focuses on COVID-19 vaccines production and tariffs on vaccine inputs.

To identify possible “sensitive” or choke points for manufacturing of Covid-19 vaccines, this report explores the most-favoured nation (MFN) tariffs and imports of vaccine-related products by 27 of the world’s top vaccine manufacturing economies.

Tariffs on critical products to manufacture vaccines remain high, concludes the report, especially in some developing countries. To reduce costs and meet the acute needs for vaccines globally, the report calls for members' cooperation under the WTO to support the elimination and/or significant reduction of tariffs on the input products.

Download COVID-19 vaccine production and tariffs on vaccine inputs by the World Trade Organization.

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The World Trade Organization (WTO) is the only global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations. At its heart are the WTO agreements, negotiated and signed by the bulk of the world’s trading nations and ratified in their parliaments. The goal is to ensure that trade flows as smoothly, predictably and freely as possible.

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