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Warren Profile 2023

Zhenliang Bai (Warren)




London School of Economics
London, United Kingdom
Executive Global Master’s in Management, Class of 2025


Vice President
Seawit Company, Shanghai, China
“Multilateral trading contributes to international relations and regional harmony. Removing barriers to trade is paramount, especially when trade policies are wielded as tools of conflict.”

Scholar background

Warren currently serves as Vice President at Seawit Company, a supplier of functional lipids and nutritional raw materials. In this role, he oversees both supply chain management and product development, collaborates with government agencies and international partners to drive Seawit's global expansion strategies and spearheads new investments. He is at the overseeing the development of a new factory as part of a new pharmaceutical project.

Prior to his promotion to Vice President, Warren was Seawit’s Director of Supply Chain Management and Product Development. Before that, he served as a Director overseeing procurement, R&D and sales.

Warren has long been driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Before joining Seawit, he built a successful real estate business in the Philippines. He also gained valuable experience and insights while working at Z.H. Island, China's largest entrepreneurship club co-founded by Jack Ma.

Warren holds a bachelor's degree in International Business from McGill University in Canada. He is currently pursuing a global master's degree in Management at the London School of Economics as a Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholar.

Personal statement

As a highly creative individual with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, I am passionate about establishing a successful business and positively impacting society. Over the past years, I’ve been working on driving the expansion of Seawit, an innovative life science company manufacturing functional lipids and powders. Through my professional experience across several industries, I have learned how rapidly the market can change and am mindful of the importance of having the correct skill set to rise to these challenges. With this in mind, I want to expand my knowledge of business management, have the opportunity to reflect on previous experiences, and exchange ideas with like-minded professionals. By pursuing the EGMiM program at LSE, I hope to develop valuable leadership and business management skills to navigate transformational changes at Seawit and achieve long-term success.

Inspired by Hinrich Foundation’s belief that the importance of global trade goes beyond commercial value to have a greater economic, environmental, and social impact, I have set a new goal: to delve deeper into the realm of global trading by leveraging the research resources and alumni network provided by the Hinrich Foundation to enrich my understanding and practice of global trade in a more profound and impactful manner. As a Hinrich scholar with business experiences and resources in Greater China and South-East Asia, I am enthusiastic about making a meaningful contribution to the Hinrich community in the near future.